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Encouraging Healthy Kids

Welcome to the Aunty Rozzy® website! Join one of Australia's much-loved kids' "edutainers" and her colourful characters - Perry the Parrot and Harriette the Rabbit - doing their part in the veggie revolution!

Aunty Rozzy® offers a range of exciting edutainment resources designed to promote healthy eating in children (2-6 years of age), including:

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What are parents and kids saying?

Some of the words were a little bit hard for me to read so I listened to it on the CD and sang along with Aunty Rozzy. My mum said that this book might make me feel hungry and she was right. I wanted to eat all the yummy foods in the book. ...Read more
JT (8 years old)
There has to be a better way to encourage our kids to eat foods we would love them to try. This is where I think Aunty Rozzy comes in. It aims to educate children through music and colourful books on healthy eating for children and in some ways; adults too. ...Read more
Norlin Mustapha
We talk often about how vegetables make them big and strong and now, thanks to Aunty Rozzy we’re having our words cemented by an outside source. ...Read more
Becky Hopkins
A fussy eater breakthrough... Yay for awesome teachers who go above and beyond, yay for trying new things and story books about carrots that arrive at just the right time. ...Read more
Marita Beard

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