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Aunty Rozzy is available for a range of occasions from school visits to public speaking.

Edutainment for Kids

Aunty Rozzy performances are designed to suit specific age groups and are perfect for schools, libraries, hospitals and shows and events attended by families with young children. With their captivating music, movement, games, song, dance and loveable characters Perry the Parrot and Harriette the Rabbit, they are entertaining, educational, motivational and inspiring.

Aunty Rozzy in the Classroom

Music and Movement with a Nutritional Theme

Ros Tesoriero, aka Aunty Rozzy® first hit upon the idea of combining catchy tunes with healthy eating years ago when her nephew, Charlie, was seated at the family dinner table and stated that he did not like carrots, that is, until they were called Nanna’s carrots.

Greatly concerned with childhood obesity growing to a national epidemic in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, Tesoriero thought if her young nephew enjoyed eating Nanna’s carrots why wouldn’t other children, particularly when they could sing, clap and dance along to a catchy tune?

Tesoriero is an Australian musician, music educator, author and creator of the Aunty Rozzy® series of children’s book and CD sets, which blend happy music with a healthy message. Testaments to this are Tesoriero’s first two bright and breezy children’s book and CD sets “Nanna’s Carrots” and “The Incredible Edible Alphabet“. Created for children two to eight years of age, the music and loveable characters have “any age” appeal.

Learning With Fun

Ros says, “I believe we should never underestimate the universal theme and power of music to engage and unite people – and when you combine food – being another universal them, then magic happens! Kids sit up and take notice. Parents and those caring for kids thank me for making their job of getting kids to eat healthy food so much easier.”

Bringing fun, colour, music and physical activity into the mix

Ros is concerned about issues relating to childhood obesity and says, “The tide needs to turn. From my experience with music and kids, I have seen the positive impact that music can have on kids of all ages. I figured music could play a powerful part in getting kids to enjoy healthy eating. I’m not putting myself up to be a public health expert. I see my role as translating the principles of healthy eating into people’s day-to-day life by bringing fun, colour, music – and physical activity in the form of dance.”

I have been teaching “Nanna’s Carrots” for about 8 years now to kids between the ages of 4 and 8. It is always a huge success and the kids always request it year after year. They love the chorus and learn it very quickly. It has been performed at many award nights and school performances over the years and is always received well. I am a musician and music teacher and I have been teaching primary school children for 12 years. – Tracy Burjan - Sydney, Australia
I so enjoyed using Nanna’s Carrots. My class planted different varieties of carrots and kept a growing chart. We used math to measure and Venn Diagrams to compare and contrast. From our harvest we compared the different tastes and also made the juice. Nanna’s Carrots made it a wonderful learning experience! – Mary Casady - Anderson Elementary School, Anderson, California USA
I used the book and song to teach my students about healthy food choices with pyramid chart, tasting, and learning the letter C sound. Having a theme for learning a letter has made it so much fun . . . and then they want carrots for their snack. – Marianna Madico - Whittier Elementary School, Whittier, California USA
Mr. Potato Head has nothing on the characters that my 4th grade students created from a carrot. The music played in the background was inspiring to their creativity as they took their characters and created stories. I know they will never look at a carrot the same way again. – Helen S. - Marymount School of New York, New York USA