rozzy84Ros Tesoriero is a professional musician and educator, passionate about educating children through music.

Ros is the founder and creator of Aunty Rozzy® where she brings happy music together with a healthy message to get kids eating healthy food by bringing fun and colour through music into the mix!

About Ros Tesoriero:

Born in Sydney Australia, Ros has been a passionate musician and educator since 1987. A graduate from the NSW State Conservatorium of Music, Ros majored in classical piano and music education and then continued her musical development in NYC studying jazz improvisation. This experience marked an extraordinary moment in her career as she arranged and composed with world-renowned jazz concert artist and music educator, Dave Frank.

As a professional musician and educator since 1987, Ros Tesoriero has covered the entire school curriculum from infants through to general and elective music throughout high school. Ros has been involved in public speaking, singing and cooking shows, along with media appearances. Through extensive experience in both education and entertainment, Ros understands music’s effectiveness in reaching and connecting people.

“Children are naturally active and learn best through ‘doing.’ Their ears develop before their eyes. Singing and dancing utilizes their love to move while bringing in senses of balance, rhythm and spatial awareness. Singing also aids in language and reading skills while nurturing an appreciation of the arts. Happy music makes people feel good and I believe happy music with a healthy message can only enhance a positive feeling toward healthy eating,” said Ros.

It was a family dinner that changed Ros’s career. She first hit on the idea of combining catchy music with healthy eating when her nephew Charlie, was seated at the family dinner table and stated that he did not like carrots, that is, until they were called Nanna’s carrots! Ros thought if the approach worked on Charlie, it could work for other children too, particularly when they could sing, clap and dance along to catchy music… and the rest is history!

Greatly concerned with childhood obesity becoming a national epidemic in Australia, Tesoriero set out to create a happy, positive experience for children through music.

She started writing the Aunty Rozzy® series of book and cd sets to encourage children to read, sing, dance and socialize all the while educating young ones about healthy eating.

“Children are naturally active and learn best by doing. Their ears develop before their eyes. Because kids love singing and dancing, the book – CD sets are a great way to approach healthy eating.”

She adds, “Singing also aids in language and reading skills while nurturing an appreciation of the arts.”

First of all I would like to congratulate yourself, your team and your “great thing” you have created and direct to encourage health, fun and vision entertainment for children. I had the pleasure of being at the Queen Victoria Market on Thursday and my four year old daughter and I happened to walk by and the music instantly caught our attention… I just wanted to let you know that my daughter woke up this morning singing “Nanna’s Carrots” and asking me can she have carrots today. – Patrick Barallon - Melbourne, Australia