incredible-edible-packMaking Healthy Eating Fun – It’s a Veggie Revolution!

Through engaging music and larger than life characters, the Aunty Rozzy® series of book/CD sets have found their way to children’s hearts and minds the world over and in turn to their parents too. Aunty Rozzy is rejuvenating the profile of veggies through her engaging words and song to make them appear interesting and more appealing. It’s a veggie revolution!

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, the decision to buy educational, but fun, children’s products has become more than just difficult for most parents. The dilemma is in finding quality children’s products that are engaging and communicate positive messages. The Aunty Rozzy® series of children’s book/CD sets do exactly this. Incorporating healthy eating messages, encouraging children to read, getting them to dance, sing and be active – with a large dose of good, old fashioned fun thrown in too!

Lead by characters such as Perry the Parrot and Harriette the Rabbit with her futuristic chariot, in Nanna’s Carrots the orange vegetable takes on a whole new persona and is transformed into a celebrity food that makes it incredibly attractive to young ones. Children are lead through a veritable list of ways to eat carrots therefore expanding knowledge of the food and taking away the ‘yucky’ vegetable profile it had before Nanna’s Carrots came on to the scene.

The Incredible Edible Alphabet in a similar way uses association between the alphabet, adjectives and foods. For example, “A” is for “awesome apples” and “B” is for “brilliant bread”. This format means children gain a better understanding of the alphabet, learn new words but ultimately it provides positive reinforcement about healthy eating habits and encourages learning.

The Aunty Rozzy® series is like MTV for kids, but with a difference. Clear educational messages including health and well being are then accompanied by fun activities such as dancing to the music, reading along with the audio book and singing karaoke style on the accompanying CD. The book/CD sets have been created for children from two to eight years of age.

Australian born Ros Tesoriero, who has been a professional musician and educator since 1987, founded Aunty Rozzy publications. The Aunty Rozzy® series came to fruition as a result of her nephew Charlie, who proclaimed at the family dinner table one day, that he did not like carrots. Ros, responded by stating they were Nanna’s carrots and gave them a fresh new look. Hearing this Charlie changed his mind about carrots; they suddenly appeared interesting and fun. Ros thought if the approach worked on Charlie it could work for other children and the rest is history.

Tesoriero realised that by making food fun for children it opened a gateway to encourage them to consume good food and in turn would assist in encouraging good eating habits from a young age. The Aunty Rozzy® book and CD series promotes increased knowledge while also providing entertainment and ultimately adding to the health of children from childhood and into adulthood.

Aunty Rozzy is an environmentally friendly company and is FSC accredited. FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. FSC is a certification system that provides internationally recognised standard-setting, trademark assurance and accreditation services to companies, organizations and communities interested in responsible forestry. Aunty Rozzy publications are printed in Australia using vegetable based inks.



I have 3 year old twins. Like any 3 year olds all they want to eat is pasta and chocolate… anything vegetable gets ignored, so I need a little help in getting veggies even on the menu. Enter “Nanna’s Carrots” which actually has fun with vegetables and uses song (which for my guys who are budding pop stars is perfect!!). So I started with carrots under the pretence they were really Nanna’s carrots and they love them, just because they can relate to them. One by one, day by day I’m getting veggies on their plates and it helps immensely when they sing the song themselves!! Albeit I can’t get the verse out of my head. – Paul Edwards - Melbourne, Australia
Aunty Rozzy’s characters have helped reinforce to my children the importance of healthy eating, good nutrition and improved food balance. Its wonderful having characters such as Perry and Harriette on my side spreading positive messages about vegetables. This is particularly important during the children’s formative years where life-long eating habits are moulded and shaped. – Raylyn Christou - Mother to Aaliyah, aged 4 and Tian, aged 3