Aunty Rozzy’s handy tips to encourage healthy eating

Make food entertaining, through song and dance.

Try singing along with Aunty Rozzy’s fun and catchy songs such as “Nannas’ Carrots” or dance with them to “The Brocco Rock!”.  You will find that by making healthy food a fun experience, your children will have a more positive approach to eating their veggies and fruit.

Engage your children by taking them shopping with you.

Let them choose a different fruit or vegetable to try, to make it exciting. By involving them in the process, they will have a sense of ownership, helping create a stronger interest in what they are eating.

Educate your children

Give them their own veggie patch in the garden where they can grow, water, and look after their own plants.  Make it fun by designing herbs in their name. They’ll love being part of the process.

Bring your children into the kitchen and teach your kids to cook.

Of course, you can take control of the knives and the heat, but they can help with pouring the ingredients in and mixing.

Make eating vegetables fun, by letting your kids eat them with chopsticks. Kids love a bit of a challenge.

Set a good example, by making sure as a parent you also are eating your vegetables. Children look to their parents and older siblings, as role models so you have to practice what you preach.

Remember to keep it fun, simple and tasty! Keep your kids happy and don’t be too serious, you want mealtime to be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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