Aunty Rozzy

Aunty Rozzy is full of joy de vivre. She loves her friends Perry the Parrot and Harriette the Rabbit. Aunty Rozzy has a special relationship with her Nanna, who she loves to cook with and help her in the garden.

An infectious sense of humour combined with her love of music, Aunty Rozzy is the “Pied Piper” of happy music with healthy messages! She can hardly stand still with excitement. Not a day goes by without singing and dancing and discovering new ways to enjoy fresh produce.


Perry the Parrot

Perry the Parrot, the pink galah, knows that apples are awesome and is a great advocate of the Veggie Revolution!

It was an unfortunate meal in Paris that made Perry realize his life purpose was to encourage kids to eat healthy food through singing and dancing.

When Perry was in Paris, he did not like the carrots, so Perry made an executive decision and came straight home for his Nanna’s carrots where every carrot that Nanna prepared was delicious!

One of Perry’s greatest achievements was to transform “The little green courgettes, the Veggie Everyone Forgets” with a much needed make-over to become za za “Zucchinis and the Zucchiniettes, the veggie no-one will forget!”

Perry is approachable, reliable and overall a pretty cool dude with attitude.

Harriette the Rabbit

A great friend of Aunty Rozzy, Harriette loves to sing and dance with Perry and Aunty Rozzy.

Cute, cuddly and cheeky, Harriette is always getting up to mischief and finds it difficult to sit still. She just wants to sing and dance wherever she goes. She loves playing the xylophone, and The Brocco Rock is one of her favourite dances!

Harriette loves her chariot. She hops in it to get around, and its what helped her find Nanna’s carrots – her favourite vegetable.