Nanna’s Carrots


Loveable characters, Harriette the Rabbit and Perry the Parrot, share their love of a versatile vegetable – the carrot!

As the two animals travel the world in search of Nanna’s scrumptious carrots, they encounter amazing scenery and make new animal friends along the way.

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This book & CD set contains a beautifully illustrated picture book, as well an audio CD featuring 3 tracks:

  • The sing-a-long song
  • Aunty Rozzy narrating the book page by page
  • A karaoke track (instrumental with no vocals)

It’s in “Nanna’s Carrots” that we all meet Perry the Parrot and Harriette the Rabbit for the first time.

Perry the Parrot loves to fly around and visit all sorts of places and he just loves Nanna’s Carrots. When he finds himself in Paris, he doesn’t like their carrots, so he flies home for Nanna’s Carrots.

Relieved to be back home where he can munch on Nanna’s Carrots at any time, Perry is so excited that he just can’t stop singing about “Nanna’s Carrots”. Before you know it, everywhere that Harriette goes, everybody is singing and eating “Nanna’s Carrots”! It all becomes too much for her that she has to hop in to her chariot and go in search of Nanna’s Carrots for herself!

In her search for Nanna’s Carrots, Harriette finds out that Nanna’s Carrots come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and that they are actually a very versatile vegetable. She is amazed at how many ways she can enjoy Nanna’s Carrots!

You can join Harriette in her search for Nanna’s Carrots by playing her video game “Harriette’s Carrot Dream”.

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4 reviews for Nanna’s Carrots

  1. Joanne Scammell – “NYJO” New York amazon.com

    My 5 year old loves this book and CD. The song is so catchy and the book is a big hit in her pre-school class. The quality of the book is fantastic. She loves to hear the author read the book on the CD.

  2. Paul Edwards – Melbourne, Australia

    I have 3 year old twins. Like any 3 year olds all they want to eat is pasta and chocolate… anything vegetable gets ignored, so I need a little help in getting veggies even on the menu. Enter “Nanna’s Carrots” which actually has fun with vegetables and uses song (which for my guys who are budding pop stars is perfect!!). So I started with carrots under the pretence they were really Nanna’s carrots and they love them, just because they can relate to them. One by one, day by day I’m getting veggies on their plates and it helps immensely when they sing the song themselves!! Albeit I can’t get the verse out of my head.

  3. Raylyn Christou – Melbourne, Australia

    Aunty Rozzy’s characters have helped reinforce to my children the importance of healthy eating, good nutrition and improved food balance. It’s wonderful having characters such as Perry and Harriette on my side spreading positive messages about vegetables. This is particularly important during the children’s formative years where life-long eating habits are moulded and shaped. And all in the meanwhile, Aunty Rozzy simultaneously entertains the children through the use of words, images, music, colouring-in activities, singing and online games.

  4. Malena Roufos – Melbourne, Australia

    My beautiful 2 year old nephew loves ‘Nanna Carrots’ and plays the CD over and over whilst running around the house gnawing on carrots. In fact he is not a child who likes to eat much or many foods but when offered carrots always chimes with glee “Nanna’s Carrots” as he consumes his healthy snack.

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