The Incredible Edible Alphabet


Never before has there been such a fun way to teach your children the alphabet while broadening their knowledge of healthy, natural food – a double win!

This second book in the series uses a creative mix of characters, photographs, rythmic patterns and an incredibly catchy tune to effectively convey its message.

About the Book




This book & CD set contains a beautifully illustrated picture book, as well an audio CD featuring 3 tracks:

  • The sing-a-long song
  • Aunty Rozzy narrating the book page by page
  • A karaoke track (instrumental with no vocals)

Let’s go on a fabulous ride through an incredibly edible alphabet. Perry the Parrot and Harriette the Rabbit, meet up with some exciting old and new friends as they explore the letters of the alphabet.

They meet up with the monkeys and hamsters from “Nanna’s Carrots” and you can check out their magnificent mangoes and great grapes.

How about meeting the hippopotamus and see how he loves his hip honeydew.

Read on further and you’ll find the tyrannosaurus rex – can you guess what he likes best?

Did you know that ugli fruit is a real fruit? It’s Unbelievable!!

Wizards… kangaroos.. elephants… fish… cats… sheep… Perry… Harriette… Nanna… Aunty Rozzy…they’re all there having an absolutely incredibly edible time!

Come on in… don’t miss out on any of the fun!

About the Book

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Dimensions 20.5 x 20.5 x 1 cm

4 reviews for The Incredible Edible Alphabet

  1. Christine Mawal – Victoria, Australia

    The “Incredible Edible Alphabet” is the only book that both our 3 year old girl Alana and our 19 month old boy Jacques love reading together. Alana connects the letters to the pictures and is learning the descriptive words and discovering the background pictures. Jacques loves pointing to and saying the name of the main picture on each page. The pictures are bright, colourful and lots of fun. The best part is that the content is all about fruit and vegetables, helping to reinforce healthy eating. So when its reading time at our house, the “apple” book (as Jacques calls it) always gets read.

  2. Kim Natale – Robinvale, Australia

    My children Eve (age 3) and Lara (age 1) love “Nanna’s Carrots” and “The Incredible Edible Alphabet”. They are both poor eaters and I like that they are learning about great fresh food in such a fun way. Eve has learnt to sing along to “Nanna’s Carrots” and “The Incredible Edible Alphabet” so quickly. The music has a very catchy rhythm that parents enjoy too. I played it at Lara’s first birthday and the girls were so excited. My children have grown up surrounded by fresh carrots, grapes, olives and many other products – and Aunty Rozzy’s books have enhanced their understanding of what fresh, healthy food is and allows them to have fun with reading, eating, singing and learning.

  3. Jocelyn Fandino – Melbourne, Australia

    My son Cruz enjoys reading “The Incredible Edible Alphabet” book everyday. From it he’s able to match the uppercase and lowercase of the alphabet. He sings and dances to the song wherever we go! The mixture of illustrations and real photography looks great. We’re looking forward to the next book from Aunty Rozzy.

  4. Tania Psathas – Wellington, New Zealand (www.amazon.com)

    Aunty Rozzy has truly outdone herself this time! This is a fabulous book! My nephew got this book as well as Nanna’s Carrots and learnt his alphabet in just a few days! He loves the catchy song and of course absolutely LOVES his vegetables (no lies!!). I highly recommend this book and CD package – definitely nutritional and educational – tick, and loads of fun – tick! Buy it now for all your youngsters, friends and family. Fabulous! Aunty Rozzy – looking forward to your next book!

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