Australian author and musician, Ros Tesoriero (aka Aunty Rozzy) takes us on a fabulous ride through “The Incredible Edible Alphabet”.

“The Incredible Edible Alphabet”® book and CD set brings happy music with a healthy message that is getting kids to eat up their veggies! This beautifully illustrated book comes complete with a catchy song and audio book on an included CD.

Her lovable characters, Perry the Parrot and Harriette the Rabbit, meet up with some exciting old and new friends as they explore the letters of the alphabet. With a creative mix of cartoon characters, gorgeous colours, real photographs of fruit and vegetables and an incredibly catchy tune to illustrate the letters of the alphabet, never has there been a more fun way to teach your children the alphabet whilst all the time promoting natural food.

“The Incredible Edible Alphabet”® is the second book and CD set in the Aunty Rozzy® series that encourages healthy nutrition by making natural foods fun and appealing.