Aunty Rozzy, Perry and Harriette get ready for school with these lunchbox tips.

Aunty Rozzy, Perry and Harriete all like to take a very healthy lunch with them to school.

YES, even Aunty Rozzy goes to school; she is a director of a music school, in Sydney as well as the Aunty Rozzy we know and love.

So what do Aunty Rozzy and Crew do to make sure they pack a healthy lunch each day?

  1. First of all they put on their favourite song which is most often the ”Broco”
  2. They make sure their lunchbox is nice and clean and ready to pack.
  3. The fill up their water bottles as water is really important as our bodies are just over 80% water.
  4. They find their favourite pieces of fruit and pack them in. two pieces make for 2 great snacks thought out the day.
  5. Next they make their sandwiches, Perry and Harriette like carrot sandwiches made from Nanna’s Carrots, Aunty Rozzy like a salad sandwich packed with lettuce, tomatoes, beetroot and of course
  6. The pack a treat because it is always great to have a treat.
  7. Last but not least Aunty Rozzy does a quick check to make sure lunch is healthy, and all packed in.

Aunty Rozzy has some great tips for parents when picking lunch box items and treats too:

  • Get the kids involved in packing lunch. They are more likely to eat it if they have been involved in the selection.
  • Try not to fall for prepacked lunches. Fruits and Vegetables are wrapped in nature and goodness for our kids
  • Treats don’t have to be sugary – why not add some air popped popcorn as a treat.
  • If you worried about the heat why not freeze a yoghurt or milk overnight it will be ready just in time for play.
  • Get the kids in the kitchen with you and make your own Muesli bars and muffins are much more exciting to the kids when they make them.

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    If you re a teacher you might even be interested in Aunty Rozzy, Perry and Harriette visiting your classroom to help you spread a healthy eating message.